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Talk Healthy to Me Podcast: Nutrition Supplements

Here is the link to my guest spot on Talk Healthy To Me! with Kristen Kacinski It was a fun hour and here is a summary of all the things we talked about: 

Why we should move away from the standard American diet in order to ensure optimal nutrient absorption from food

Why certain vitamins CANNOT be absorbed without fat in your diet

How color of foods can inform their beneficial role in the body

Why even if you’re the BEST eater on the planet you should still consider supplementation to cover your bases

Why fruits and vegetables today are actually depleted of nutrients

How to get the maximum nutrient content from fresh or frozen vegetables

What symptoms indicate nutrient deficiencies

What risk factors contribute to you potentially having issues with nutrient absorption

Why the RDA or RDI numbers on supplement labels aren’t necessarily calculated for optimal health

How you can still be sub optimal on a nutrient (even if you’re within the reference range)

How often to test your nutrient levels

How to source quality and safe vitamins