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OHmega! Grass vs. Grain Fed Beef

hfghdfhdfghCows are meant to eat grass but when we feed them a diet comprised of grains it changes their muscle and fat composition thus negatively effecting our health when we consume them. To make matters worse, Omega 6’s are EVERYWHERE: corn, soybean, safflower, canola, and grape seed oil to name a few! Our consumption has increased as result of them being used in dressings, sauces and as cooking oils. The once touted “healthier” oils are increasing inflammation and chronic disease. There is a direct correlation between the increased amounts of Omega 6 fatty acids in our diet and the increased use of NSAIDS in the US. (i.e. ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, etc). Coincidence? Likely not, as these oils promote INFLAMMATION! We get way too much Omega 6’s in our diet (30:1– Omega 6:3) Aim for foods rich in Omega 3’s to decrease that ratio closer to 2:1!

Image from: http://www.leanitup.com  Source: Nutrition Journal 2010

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I Can’t Believe You Fear Butter!

I can’t believe how many people are still substituting fake foods, i.e. butter substitutes, on the premise that it is healthier!  Many of my clients are shocked that I am recommending they pitch their margarines and butter substitutes IMMEDIATELY in favor of organic butter.  Decades of mis or blatantly wrong information has led to a fear of butter.

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