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demo_infobesityDo you suffer from INFOBESITY?

Infobesity is defined as the overabundance of information. With modern technology, we have an endless supply of information with a couple taps of our fingers or clicks with a mouse. I am a firm believer in knowledge is power but are you using the available information to better yourself or instead do you suffer from infobesity?

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Coffee a Lifesaver?

For those who drink coffee, you can probably think of a time that your cup of coffee helped you survive the day.  Many of you may even comment that you cannot make it through your day without your cup of coffee.  No doubt the morning cup of joe is a “lifesaver” to many, but research now suggests coffee can actually extend your life!

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100% Natural?

What does 100% Natural mean?

Natural does not mean organic, but the stamp food manufacturers use often resembles the organic green stamp and it can be misleading. Labels can be confusing and the use of the word “natural” on foods is oftentimes more for advertising than saying anything about the health benefits of the food. These foods are NOT organic and can contain GMO’s. Consumers can be falsely convinced they are buying a “healthy” alternative.

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