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Almond Milk Recipe

This past weekend my girlfriend from NY visited me and was telling me that she makes her own almond milk. I’ll be honest, I was SHOCKED.  I thought it was too laborious and much easier to buy an organic packaged version.  She said she thought the same before her friend convinced her otherwise and assured me its was super easy and delicious. She was right!

We made a quick trip to Whole Foods for the two ingredients and then soaked the almonds for an hour to remove the skin.  (This was the longest part but super easy to shed the skin once they had soaked).

Hope you enjoy it and thank you to her friend Anisha Gizersky for sharing the recipe with us!


1 c almonds
4c water
5 dates
Vanilla extract to taste

1. Soak almonds in water for an hour until skin comes right off (this is the longest part!)

2. Add 2 cups of water and deskinned almonds to blender

3. Add another 2 cups of water

4. Add 5 dates and blend

5. Add vanilla extract to taste and blend again until desired consistency