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Maintain, Don’t Gain…Surviving the Holidays

Do the holidays stress you out?  Are you overeating or eating the wrong foods? Are you sedentary? Are you making excuses?

Don’t let bad habits reign this holiday season! January 1st is too far away to make changes, don’t delay, act today and start putting your health first!


Join our FREE virtual event, Maintain, Don’t Gain and Survive the Holidays, from December 1-21st in the comfort of your home!

When & Where?

Maintain, Don’t Gain happens online from Dec 1st-21st and you can participate from anywhere in the world!

Weekly Challenges

You will be given a bite-sized challenge with power packed tips in your inbox each week.  Complete your challenge of the week and post comments, questions and issues online in our Private Facebook Group! 

Plus, there are prizes. Awesome prizes.

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