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Hail to Kale!

Hail to the almighty vegetable, kale!   Loaded with antioxidants and rich in vitamins A, C, K and minerals calcium and iron, kale is credited with anti inflammatory abilities, cardiovascular benefits and the ability to detoxify.   With all these nutrients and health benefits it is no surprise that kale is labeled as a superfood.   Kale is highly versatile and can be used raw in salads, blended into shakes and smoothies, juiced, cooked in soups, sautéed with other veggies or even baked as chips!

Nutrition CPR’s friend and colleague, Meredith Hill, RD, shares two kale recipes.  Enjoy!

photo 4Kaleicious Salad

5-6 stems of organic, red or green kale

juice from one lemon

olive oil

sea salt

1 T. raw honey

red onion, sliced thin

nuts, chopped

Fresh or Dried Fruit (unsweetened of course!)

  1. Tear the leaves from the stems, wash, and dry the kale.
  2. Toss leaves with lemon juice, oil, salt, and softened honey.
  3. Add in as much red onion as you want and your choice of nuts and fruit.
  4. Let it sit for about 30 minutes to soften the kale a bit.

The other great thing is that this is one salad you can mix up and leftovers will STILL hold up and be just as good the next day, thanks to the heartiness of the kale.


photo 1Kale Chips 

Organic, uncured bacon grease or softened Coconut Oil.

1 package of organic red or green kale

Himilayan Salt and Pepper (if desired)


Use the melted bacon grease or coconut oil to coat your kale leaves, lightly salt them, and bake in a single layer in a 300 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes.

Keep a close eye on them, as ovens vary and kale chips are very delicate and can easily burn. As soon as they are all crispy, take them out and enjoy warm! YUM!

Remember food is medicine and always Eat for Your Health!

In health, Jaime.