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Know Your Numbers!

In a simple sentence, the blood doesn’t lie!

One can learn a lot about their metabolism and health through standard laboratory tests that are performed during annual physicals.  I encourage all my clients to have blood work completed at least annually to assess their health.

Do not accept the statement from your physicians office that “everything was fine”. Always ask for a copy of your results and keep records.  As we age, health can decline thus it is important to have annual records of your results to note trends and changes to your health.

All too often we have complaints and ailments such as headaches, joint pain, fatigue, weight gain and go to the doctor to determine the cause of these symptoms.   Our blood may thankfully come back in normal clinical reference range but we are left without answers regarding why we don’t “feel” healthy.   Clinical and optimal reference range are two different ways of interpreting your blood work results.  Your physician is looking to diagnosis you if a value is out of clinical reference range, however just because the value is within range, doesn’t mean your health is optimal!

Nutrition CPR performs laboratory blood work interpretations to assess nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, organ function, glucose metabolism, thyroid function and much more.  Our goal is to address why you have health and symptomatic complaints and provide nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to get you into optimal health.  Contact us today at info@nutritioncpr.com to learn more about lab interpretations and getting you on the road to optimal health.