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I Can’t Believe You Fear Butter!

I can’t believe how many people are still substituting fake foods, i.e. butter substitutes, on the premise that it is healthier!  Many of my clients are shocked that I am recommending they pitch their margarines and butter substitutes IMMEDIATELY in favor of organic butter.  Decades of mis or blatantly wrong information has led to a fear of butter.

Fear no more! Here are 5 reasons butter should be used:

1. Butter provides necessary fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K2 which are necessary for numerous functions in the human body.  Specifically Vitamin k2 is not only a necessary co factor in vitamin D synthesis but it also increases calcium absorption in the bones and decreases calcification of blood vessels which can increase cardiovascular risk.

2. Organic Butter contains the powerful fatty acid, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). CLA has numerous health benefits to include: anti tumor growth (breast, colon, skin, lung, and stomach), decreased cardiovascular risk, anti-inflammatory benefits,  immune booster,  anti-osteoporosis, improved body composition, improved lipid panel (cholesterol and triglycerides) and increased insulin sensitivity.

3.  Butter contains Butyric Acid (about 4%), a short chain fatty acid that has immune benefits, anti-tumor benefits, improves insulin sensitivity,  lowers triglycerides, and improves body composition.

4. Butter is a great source of high quality saturated fats.  (YES that is a benefit!) Saturated fats have significant roles in heart, lung, immune, bone and liver health.  Saturated fats are also involved in hormone production and have a positive influence over cholesterol by increasing your good cholesterol (HDL) and changing the particle size of cholesterol to more large buoyant particles which means less cardiovascular risk.  Cholesterol and fatty acids are needed  for hormone production, healthy cell membranes, vitamin D synthesis, and the transportation of both vitamins and minerals.

5.  Butter is not a fake fat!  Margarine and butter substitutes contain large amounts of partially hydrogenated fatty acids.  These fake, processed fats will increase cardiovascular risk by negatively altering not only the composition of lipoproteins but also by increasing cardio destructive lipoprotein levels.  They can damage blood vessels and raise cardiovascular risk by raising the inflammatory marker- C-reactive protein. Partially hydrogenated oils also increase insulin resistance, thus increasing diabetic risk.   If you are not familiar with the terms partially hydrogenated oils and fatty acids you likely know their other name, Trans Fats! Remember a product can advertise “Trans Fat Free” if they have less than 1g of trans fat per serving.  Sadly, even a small amount of trans fats can have the large negative health risks.

Ask the RD JaimeJaime’s Recommendation: Buy and enjoy butter, a REAL food.  When choosing which butter to buy, I recommend organic butter and grass fed, organic butter is best!




The information provided in this post is for education only and is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor should it be used as a replacement for seeking medical treatment.

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