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Optimal vs. Clinical Blood Glucose Values

Blood glucose is one lab value used to determine diabetic risk and management.  Blood glucose is a measurement that is taken at almost every physical as it is a part of both basic and complete metabolic laboratory profiles.

The average clinical reference range used by most labs is between 70-99mg/dL, meaning if you fall within that range, most physicians or healthcare providers will not address your glucose when reviewing health action plans.

Optimal reference ranges for blood glucose values are significantly different, and can better determine diabetic risk and help to prevent onset.  Diabetes, specifically type II, is a disease that develops over a 10-15 year period.  You dont simply wake up one morning and have diabetes, your blood glucose levels have been above optimal levels and potentially uncontrolled for years.  A sedentary lifestyle, high levels of stress, as well as a poor diet that is rich in carbohydrates increases insulin resistance which is the beginning stages of diabetes or referred to as pre-diabetes.

A retrospective study conducted by Kaiser Permanente involving 25,000 patients looked at blood glucose values and diabetic risk.  The study concluded that diabetic risk increases by 6% for every point over 84mg/dL. For example: your labs reveal a blood glucose value of 96mg/dL, therefore according to the above mentioned study your risk of developing diabetes is 72% higher than an individual with a blood glucose value of 84mg/dL.  What is alarming is that many physicians will not discuss this risk and let you leave their office thinking your blood glucose is fine because it fell within clinical reference range of <100mg/dL.   When working with clients to improve their health, I  give a goal of <90mg/dL blood glucose value and if their values are above 90mg/dL we discuss means to improve this number into optimal range.

Type II diabetes is a lifestyle disease, meaning you have the power to reverse and/or prevent it.  Being proactive instead of reactive with your health is critical for longevity and vitality.   Take charge and work towards lab value perfection (optimal reference range) instead of being average (clinical reference range) or worse below average (out of clinical reference range). Know your numbers!

Nutrition CPR performs lab interpretations for clients to help them reach their goals of optimal health! Contact us today.

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