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peanutsDid you know that many farmers rotate peanut and cotton crops on their farms? Cotton is one of the most toxic crops due to the abundance of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals used.

That means the soil is drenched with toxins and then peanuts are planted the following year in the exact same spot. Research suggests that the rise in peanut allergies maybe linked to the high pesticide, herbicide and chemicals found in soil that peanuts are grown.

There is an overwhelming increase in the incidence of peanut allergies. Statistics show that the number of children diagnosed with a peanut allergy (this does not take into account peanut sensitivity) has tripled from 1997 to 2008 and sadly the rise in the use of chemicals in our foods show similar trends.

Chemicals cause permeability issues in the gastrointestinal system (leaky gut) and can cause many health issues to include allergies.

Bottom Line: To prevent the onset of a peanut sensitivity or allergy, buy organic and/or consider eating other nuts (peanuts are technically a legume) instead!

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