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Coffee a Lifesaver?

For those who drink coffee, you can probably think of a time that your cup of coffee helped you survive the day.  Many of you may even comment that you cannot make it through your day without your cup of coffee.  No doubt the morning cup of joe is a “lifesaver” to many, but research now suggests coffee can actually extend your life!

Regardless of whether your cup is decaf or caffeinated, studies are showing that coffee may help you live longer.  Participants enrolled in the NIH (National Institutes of Health)- AARP Diet and Health Study had a decreased risk of dying based on the number of cups of coffee they drank per day.  For those who consumed one cup of coffee, the risk of dying was lowered by 6% whereas it was lowered by 10-15% (based on gender) for those who drank at least two cups per day.  Coffee appears to lower risk of mortality in heart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases, infections and strokes.

If you are caffeine sensitive or have a history of cardiac arrhythmias, cystic breasts, cancer, adrenal dysfunction and/or trying to conceive or currently pregnant, decaf is encouraged.

Research is proving, (sing it with me) the best part of waking up may really be coffee in your cup.  So fill it the rim, because it is good to the last drop!

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