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Potassium Rich Vegetables

Vegetables are chock full of nutrients and today’s post focuses on POTASSIUM.

Potassium helps to lower blood pressure, counter blood pressure raising sodium levels and decrease risk of stroke. Today it is estimated many are deficient in this key nutrient and electrolyte. Most individuals know a banana is rich in potassium but vegetables can be rich sources of potassium without the high carbohydrate content! On this list the sweet potato and lima beans have more carbs than the other three, but still less than a banana.

I recommend my clients get potassium via vegetables and their multivitamin rather than potassium supplements. If you suspect potassium deficiency, consult a health care provider for a dosage recommendation of potassium to avoid toxicity as potassium does have a significant role in cardiac muscle function.

Bottom line: Just another reason to eat your veggies! Here are the top 5 potassium rich vegetables.

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