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Change Pace

Lets face it, change is not easy for most of us.  It takes courage and determination as well as a willingness to change.

Some friends of Nutrition CPR have expressed feeling overwhelmed with the health information I recommend and share in my posts.   I believe knowledge is power.  My posts and articles are intended to help you reach and obtain optimal health.  The unfortunate fact is that for the first time in modern history, chronic disease is on the rise and life expectancy is on the decline.  Many, if not most, of these illness can be improved or reversed with dietary and lifestyle changes.  Change is the key word.

We all deal and manage with change differently.  Remember the dreaded bell curve in statistics?    This curve can be used to explain individuals response to change.  About 10% of us have an “all in” mentality and will do anything and everything to make a change, another 10% are opposed to change and drag their feet, and 80% of us are “moderates” and are willing to make changes at a moderate pace.  Most, if not all, will not make any change without sound information or having a life event that forces change.   I am here to motivate you to change your nutrition and lifestyle by providing research and information, not to overwhelm you.

My posts are to help you to extend your life and the quality of your life.  Over the last half century our food supply and habits have changed…. and not for the better.  We accept substandard food and exposure to toxins and slowly we are “starving” ourselves of the nutrients we need to thrive.  It is time for this to change and it starts with awareness.  It starts with you and your willingness to change.

Where do you fall on the bell curve of change?  Make changes in your life based on your comfort level and your situation.    I have a passion for health.  My willingness to change was further motivated by my son’s illness and fear of his health being compromised by poor nutrition. With that said, it may surprise you that I am NOT in the “all in” 10% category.  My nutrition and my family’s nutrition is not perfect.  I do the best I can to make health conscious decisions based on sound nutrition research and not fear.  I pass along this information to you in hopes to inspire you to make healthy changes within your lives.   My intention is not to educate you through fear but for you to be aware of how food and lifestyle can positively and negatively influence  your health.   Digest (pun intended) the information I provide and share and maybe pick one area (or more) to focus on changing for the week.  For example, I posted a list of foods companies that use genetically modified foods.  The list was LONG and left many overwhelmed with a “what is left and safe to buy” attitude.  For those in the 10% “all in”, buy real food and dont include a single food company on that list in your shopping cart.  For the 10% who oppose any change, digest the information and save it for when you are ready.  For the other 80% who are moderates, choose a few companies that are your favorites or repeat offenders in your  shopping cart and choose the organic version or just avoid those few to start.  Build on that knowledge and slowly these changes will become habits and consistent healthy choices.   You can use this concept with any of my posts that are too overwhelming.

You don’t have to completely change everything today or tomorrow, you just have to be willing to change.  Change is essential for survival.

Wishing you good health and happiness,



Jaime Coffey Martinez, MS RD is a registered clinical and integrative dietitian that practices in the Washington DC metro area and is owner of  Nutrition CPR, LLC, a nutrition consulting company providing both one to one nutrition coaching and corporate nutrition and wellness programs.  Jaime coaches her clients on the importance of choosing real, nutrient dense foods that will nourish the body, optimize health, and help clients achieve their personal goals. 

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