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Asparagus “The Detoxifier”

Spring is finally here!  The season change brings new fresh produce options to our plates.  Asparagus is a spring vegetable that is highly nutritious and beneficial to your health and has many reasons why it should be included in your diet this season.

Eating asparagus is like hitting the jackpot or winning the lottery of nutrients!  The herbaceous plant contains vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium and zinc, vitamin A, C, E and K, niacin, folic acid,  phosphorus, potassium, copper, manganese, selenium, chromium and fiber.   Each of these nutrients have specific roles within the human body to insure optimal health. For example, chromium, a trace mineral, is responsible for the transportation of glucose from the bloodstream to the cells and can aid in improving glucose metabolism.

Possibly even more beneficial than its vitamin and mineral profile is the ability of asparagus to detoxify!  Asparagus is rich in glutathione, a fabulous detoxifying agent! Glutathione acts as a detoxifier by neutralizing free radicals and maintaining levels of active antioxidants to include vitamin E and C.  Due to its ability to break down carcinogens (cancer causing substances), asparagus is a vegetable that may protect and fight against cancers such as bone, breast, colon, larynx and lung.

Asparagus also contains high amounts of the amino acid, asparagine which sounds similar to asparagus as it was named after the vegetable. Asparagine acts as a diuretic by increasing urination, removing excess fluids, salts and toxins.  This can be beneficial to those who are suffering from high blood pressure, water retention (edema), and/or cardiovascular disease. Increased urination is also an another means of detoxification for the body.

Additional health benefits include, anti aging, anti inflammatory, an aphrodisiac, preventing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, preventing birth defects and preventing and treating urinary tract infections. Asparagus comes in green, white and purple variety and all three colors offer all the health benefits listed.

Spring yourself into good health by eating asparagus!

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