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Eat for Your Health!

Achieve your goals through a functional and integrated approach to dietetics.

Individualized and personalized programs are created for every client with the same underlying theme…….Eat for Your Health!

What We Offer

How It Works?

Nutrition Consultations

60 minute session to uncover medical, nutrition and lifestyle history and create personalized plans to help clients reach their goals

Nutrition Coaching

30 or 60-minute sessions for accountability, journal review and medical nutrition therapy

Blood Work Analysis

In depth interpretation of nutritionally relevant labs and how dietary recommendations can help clients improve parameters

Small Group Coaching

4-week online nutrition classes providing education and peer support for specific groups

Corporate Wellness Programs

Lunch and learn seminars, coaching and consulting programs to improve employee health

Grocery Tours

Educating clients on food labels, product information and how to navigate the grocery store

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Media Appearances

Foods that look like the body part they nutritionally benefit

10 Heart Healthy Foods in One Meal

Best Healthy Breakfasts to Get You Through the Work Week

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Consulting Producing Results

Nutrition CPR offers a variety of services for our clients such as: private coaching, small group nutrition classes, and corporate wellness programs. Whether you’re interested in medical nutrition therapy, weight loss, or you just want to lead a healthier lifestyle, we’re here to help. To hear more about Nutrition CPR watch our video to the right or fill out the form below to get started on learning how to Eat for Your Health!

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