Eat for Your Health!

The information your provided in the nutrition consult is invaluable to me. I’m still digesting it all but it is so helpful. I had really gotten confused about which way to head with my eating/dieting and you’ve really helped to point me in the right direction. Thank you!


Kim R. May 2015


Food-Allergy-TestI first reached out to Jaime when a food allergy was frustrating me and my weight slowly began creeping back on after the birth of my second child.  I’ve been a lifetime dieter of varying weights and infinite programs and thought I knew it all. However, Jaime’s insights and recommendations have astounded me and have been life changing. The time and dedication she puts into staying current on the latest research and findings while custom tailoring individual plans seems exhausting. A thorough history of each client is taken, blood work is analyzed, and a program is determined that best meets each individual’s medical and physiological needs and personal goals. Other than her profound knowledge of nutrition, my favorite part of working with Jaime was her accessibility and demeanor. She’s always just a short call, text or email away and responds quickly and kindly with answers and suggestions. Her ability to convey and translate her vast scientific understanding to an everyday unscientific thinker like myself without any trace of condescension is incredibly helpful. Her passion for healthful living is truly contagious and I often recommend her to those looking to make a positive and permanent change in their lives!

Mary Ann. S. February 2015


BeproactiveFrom Facebook: I wanted to give a big praise/thank you and follow-up to a question/plea for help I posted about a month ago. I was asking for a good nutritionist in the area because I need to lose a significant amount of weight and had started working out, but had plateaued. I knew it was my horrible eating habits and lack of knowledge. Several of you wonderful ladies gave me some wonderful recommendations and after a little research I scheduled a meeting with Jaime over at Nutrition CPR. She has been amazing. She did a thorough intake of me & my health history as well as my lifestyle, patiently educated me, sent me a very detailed follow-up report to refer back to, answered numerous questions along the way and has followed up with me multiple times to see how things are going and if I have any questions/need help. Amazing Results!!! Since meeting with her just a couple weeks ago I have dropped 15 pounds by following some very simple, real food suggestions she made to me that fit my lifestyle. This was what I needed to get my metabolism rebooted. So very happy and excited to continue the journey.  Thank you!!

Teresa, H. February, 2015 ______________________________________________________________

adrenal-fatigue-300x300I was first diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue stage 2 a little over a year ago and my homeopathic doctor indicated I needed to work with a nutritionist as a part of my treatment protocol. It was important to me to work with someone who had extensive experience and success in working with patients who had this disorder. My health also included a number of other auto immune disorders which made working with me from a medical perspective a bit more challenging.

After quite a bit of research, I made contract with Jaime and from the first moment of that engagement, I knew I had found someone who would be able to help me. My presenting symptoms included cravings for salt and lots carbohydrates,extreme fatigue,tremendous joint pain, erratic blood sugar levels and I could not lose any weight. In our first session Jaime listened to all my concerns and heard my frustration. She took time to explain some of the lab work I provided her and educated me on the interaction with those results, my symptoms and how nutrition plays a part in my health or lack of health. We discussed everything from foods I like, things I don’t want to eat, how I shop, how I cook, what I cook with, how I feel during certain times of the day, how much liquid do I take in ( and for me I was good IF I drank 8 ounces of anything: I make a great camel) and how I needed my life to be SIMPLE not complicated in dealing with food/nutrition. I was easily fatigued and little things like trying to think of what to prepare, how to prepare it, grocery shopping would stress me so much I would not want to do what was best for my health.

Jaime made all that easy. She was always available, email, phone, text, in person meetings, whatever I needed. She is extremely knowledgeable and is willing to share that with her patients. We did a grocery shopping excursion and that was eye opening. I had never worked with a professional such as Jaime before. There are a number of Jaime principles that I try to live by everyday. AND I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that when I do the things she and I agreed would be healthy, my body responds in a most positive way. Joint pain disappears, fatigue lessens, blood sugar is stabilized, weight is more manageable and cravings go away in short order. AND when I go astray, my body tells me immediately that I am not treating it in a healthy way. So I go back to basics.

Here are my Jaime basic principles:
1) Our main goal is to be healthy. Every thing else in time will get in line.
2) We will count healthy foods not calories.
3) We will increase our liquids, encouraging water as main intake but being creative with other forms.
4) We will read EVERY label. And the first 5 ingredients are the key. IF I cannot pronounce it or do not know what it is, it is probably not good for me.
5) We will take each day as it comes, celebrating our small steps and making small changes for success. It’s a journey.

Working with Jaime has been and is life giving and life changing..

Thank you for being there for me Jaime!

Estrella, G. February 2015


IMG_0393-16Jaime has been instrumental in guiding and helping my husband and I get on track with our health.  It’s such a relief to have found such a trusted and knowledgeable medical resource.  Any question, no matter how big or small, receives a thoroughly researched and prompt response.  We can’t recommend her highly enough.  I send everyone I know to her!

Heidi, F.  February 2015


ask the RDI can’t say enough about how much help Jaime has been to me.  I have worked with other nutritionists in the past and no one has come close to demonstrating her knowledge of current research in the field. I am impressed with how conscientious she is  in adapting  recommendations to my individual needs. Her focus is always on my health in whatever areas I need improvement. Her program is definitely not a “cookie cutter” approach as are so many other programs. She always follow up our sessions with written summaries which I save and can use as a reference if I need to refresh my memory. She is  responsive to my questions between sessions even if I am in the grocery store and have a question about what I am buying. She genuinely cares about her clients. I am so grateful to have found her and would highly recommend Jaime to others.

Cathy, R January 2015


IMG_0394-17I’ve struggled with my weight for over 30 years of my adult life. It started in college with the freshman 15 and escalated thru marriage, the loss of both of my parents, numerous moves and jobs, and continuing family pressures. At my heaviest, I weighed 209 pounds and suffered from knee and hip pain and numerous other health related issues. Ironically, I thought I knew everything about nutrition since I had worked for two weight loss companies! When I started working with Jaime and a personal trainer, I was receptive to new ideas regarding weight loss and changing my life for the better. With Jaime’s amazing encouragement and nutritional expertise, I’ve lost 27 pounds, feel better and am now studying for my Personal Trainer certification. I want to help other women like myself to feel better about themselves. I’m forever grateful to Jaime for sharing her incredible nutritional knowledge with me and helping me change my life in such a dramatic, positive way. My future looks amazing!

Sue P. January 2015


IMG_0395-18Jaime combines knowledge of nutrition with knowledge of metabolic processes in order to give uniquely tailored advice to her clients.  This depth of information affords accurate, valuable and safe guidance.  By following Jaime’s nutritional plan and instructions, my overall health goals have been continually met.  I have every confidence in her advice and would recommend her unconditionally.

Julie, C. Jan 2015


roadAs of this morning, my weight is 174.2. That’s the lowest it’s been in 20 years!!!! Thanks to you and your coaching, I’m finally seeing some success. I’m more aware of what “real” food is and means. I’m cooking more and relying less on packaged foods.

My energy level is up and I’ve been consistent with walking 10,000 steps a day. I recently
moved my goal to 11,000 steps and I’m getting it done! Thanks, coach!!

Mary, P. Nov. 2014


healthier choiceGrowing up I never had to worry about my weight or in my opinion what I ate until my 30’s.  It was like a switch was turned off and my metabolism stopped.  I tried numerous weight loss programs, workout programs and even worked with another nutritionist but NONE of them seem to move the number on the scale in the right direction.  Sure I was stronger and healthier due to the personalized workouts, but my weight was not budging.    I was referred to Nutrition CPR by a friend who had success with working with Jaime. I will admit I was skeptical as I had failed with other professionals in the past, but figured I had nothing to lose.  From the moment I met Jaime, her strategy and approach was different. It was completely personalized.  She addressed my health, nutrition and lifestyle history and made recommendations of nutrition supplements that were specific for me.  She designed a program that was tailored to my goals and emphasized the importance of organic and real food.   She even had me eliminate dairy for one month which I thought was originally odd as I didn’t think I had a sensitivity to dairy.  I could not have been more wrong.  My symptomatic complaints of headaches, skin problems and congestion were eliminated after two short weeks of eliminating dairy.  I was shocked but felt so much better and the weight on the scale started to come off.  After 3 months, I lost 25lbs and felt healthy for the first time in years!!  I continue to work with Jaime and the scale continues to move in the right direction. Jaime is a gem and I am so lucky to have found her.  I refer clients to her all the time and know they are all thrilled to have her insight and guidance.  Contact Jaime, you won’t regret it!

Carly, D. May, 2014


Kevin J

Incredible client transformation in under 6 months! He is an absolute inspiration. This client has a medical diagnosis and limitations that many could easily use an “excuse” for why losing weight and becoming healthy is impossible, but he NEVER let that deter him from his goals.
Starting weight: 210 Current Weight: 184
Body Fat: 33% to 18%

The best part, he isn’t finished!  He continues to work with a personal trainer and exercises 5-6 days per week.  He follows his personalized nutrition program created using his medical, nutrition and lifestyle history by myself and uses quality supplementation.   His goal:  175lbs or under 15% body fat as well as optimal laboratory values.

He is proof that the if you are given the right tools you can accomplish anything!

Kevin, J. April, 2014


WelcomeI was introduced to Jaime, at Nutrition CPR, by my personal trainer. I was doing strength training 3 times a week and running 3-4 miles another 1-2 days a week, and I was not losing any weight.  My trainer suggested I make an appointment with Jamie. He had told me he’s talked to a lot of Nutritionist and she was the “best there is”. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical to see a nutritionist, but I love to learn, so I went. I knew (well I thought I knew) what foods were good for me. I had pictured a visit of someone telling me what veggies I should eat and why. But upon my first meeting with Jaime she was wonderful! She took an assessment of my personal needs and goals. I told her about my constant health problems with endometriosis, and my battle with infertility. I will never forget when I told her, and she said “I have a nutrition plan that will help you with that”. Again, I was a bit cynical. I had surgeons and doctors tell me they could help and I was still in pain. The doctors also put me on fertility medicine (that I later came off because I couldn’t handle the side effects). But Jaime proceeded to make out a nutrition plan just for me and she explained to me why I needed to eliminate certain foods from my diet, and add other supplements. For example,  I always thought whole grains were good, but turns out for me they’re not. Jaime’s plan was very realistic for me too. She made everything seem so simple that I was motivated to try this plan. And once I started it was the best thing I’ve done for my body! I felt great. I was able to do my workouts more quickly, I was able to run farther and faster. I slept well and felt great. The pain from the endometriosis started to subside drastically, and I even started losing a few pounds and inches within a matter of weeks. Within 2 months of meeting Jaime and following her diet plan, I was also able to get pregnant. I later miscarried but the fact that I was able to get pregnant at all was very hopeful to me. But I know all of the positive results I am seeing; able to conceive without fertility medication, more energy and weight loss is all attributed to the plan that Jaime set up for me. I can’t thank her enough for turning my life around for the better. It’s so great not being sick all of the time, and just feeling better about myself in general. Thank you so much Jaime!

Melissa S~October 2013  _______________________________________________________________

LemonsJaime’s primary concern is my health and physical goals, and she always takes the time to address every concern of mine immediately. I love that she is always more than happy to answer my questions, and actually welcomes questions. I am completely confident that they are entirely devoted to helping me achieve my health goals. I noticed an almost immediate improvement in my health when I started visiting them. I couldn’t believe how quickly I started to see a change. In fact, my cholesterol levels were reduced within one month of working with Jaime. After years of visiting endocrinologists, dieticians, and other specialists, Jaime was quickly able to address areas where extra attention was needed, specific to me and help me immediately. In addition, she is a pure delight to work with and explains complex issues in a very simplistic manner.


Jennifer G. ~ 2013



Eat IntelligentlyThe amazing results I achieved under your guidance is giving me the will and drive to keep pushing and make it my new lifestyle. I have tried so many different diets in the past but never achieved similar results in such a short period. Thank you for inspiring me to start this transformation.Prior to starting with you, I was taking Zantac daily and my energy was low all the time.   After only 5 weeks, my energy is improved, I feel great, I only had to take my Zantac once and I have lost 18lbs.

Mo K.  2014


changeJaime is amazing. My husband and I are in the “golden year” phase of our life and we are trying to proactively address the maturing process with a regular exercise program and a healthy diet. Jaime has been working with us one-on-one to help us with our specific health challenges and we are both feeling the positive results. My husband has stabilized his blood pressure eliminating medication and I have noted significant improvements in my bone density and my digestive challenges. In addition to our personal sessions, I have had the privilege of attending two of Jaime’s seminars, Nutrition 101 and Glucose Metabolism. Jaime is a gifted speaker and a brilliant nutritionist who knows how to make eating health easy for her clients! During the first seminar, I was shocked to discover that I was buying all the wrong foods for my family. With over 40,000 food choices on the market shelves I decided I needed help so I opted for a personal shopping trip with Jaime. It was an incredibly enlightening experience that has forever changed the way I select food products. My husband who went along with us (in protest) walked away from the session saying “that was amazing”. We are eating healthy and feeling great. Thank you Jaime!


Donna S. ~ 2013


berriesI really can’t sing Jamie’s praises enough. I am almost eight months and I have gestational diabetes. I was having trouble getting my glucose readings under control. After meeting with Jamie, and starting a meal plan, I started seeing results. Within a week my glucose readings were at my goal and under control. 🙂 So far I been under control and even had to lessen my insulin doses. My baby girl and I can’t thank her enough. As a review goes I found Jamie easy to work with, non-judgmental, and has a wealth of practical knowledge that anyone can use to help them with their dietary needs.

Kisha P. ~ 2013


EFAsWith Jaime’s help I lost 34 pounds in a little over a year and regained my health after several years of illness. She is amazing. She is like a scientist. She is so thorough. She took such a detailed history and has such deep knowledge about all aspects of nutrition. I had been battling some serious health issues when I first saw her but I was only focused on the weight. Jaime said that first I had to feel better and that the weight would come off when I was healthier. She researched all of my prescriptions and thoroughly reviewed my lab results from a routine doctor visit. She asked me so many questions. I have never had a more detailed, specific, personal review of my health and life. She did what none of my doctors had done – (and they were good doctors) – she saw the big picture. She told me exactly what to eat to feel better, and which supplements would help me. On subsequent visits she would tinker with my supplements and what I was eating. She could tell just by looking at me what I had been eating. She also helped me deal with stress through nutrition and supplements. She is like a nutritional life coach. She literally changed my life, and I would recommend her to anyone.

Nisa B.~  2013


Jaime is the absolute best in the field. Her customized plans are helping me reach my goals, not just with weight loss but with stress management. Jaime constantly adjusts my plans and goals according to my needs, and works with me to find the best solutions to my challenges. She is extremely supportive, never ‘scolding’, but helps me figure out what works best for my lifestyle and nutritional needs. She is an outstanding nutritionist, and a wonderful person to work with.


Anonymous Client ~ 2013


“I have been working with Jaime for over a year and still learn new things every time I talk to her. I originally sought nutritional guidance for weight loss and never imagined how much my overall health could improve as a result of what I have learned. Jaime helped me set some realistic weight loss goals and works with me to reset my nutritional approach along the way. Her positive attitude and encouragement have motivated me to work through some plateaus.

Through 1:1 meetings and class sessions with Jaime, I learned about so much more than just calories and food groups. I better understand the impact of stress, sleep, food allergies and sensitivities, nutritional supplementation and many other factors that have a role in overall health and nutrition. For many years, I avoided certain foods (raw vegetables in particular) because of what I assumed were food allergies. Jaime encouraged me to safely explore a variety of foods, and as a result my palate has greatly expanded.

Jaime developed a nutrition plan for me that fit my needs and lifestyle and modified it as my needs and goals changed. As a result, I have lost over 50lbs, gained more energy, reduced knee joint pain, lowered my cholesterol and improved several other key health numbers. I feel healthier and have gained confidence. My doctor is also very pleased with the results.”

Eileen ~ 2011



Rinsing Peppers


“I started seeing Jaime when my annual physical results were looking really bad– overweight, pre diabetic, with borderline high blood pressure. As my doctor started talking about medications I needed to take to stop the damage that was being done to my body, I realized the seriousness of the situation. I tried for six months to lose weight on my own and was getting nowhere, and seriously starting to think that because of a thyroidectomy the prior year maybe I was unable to lose the weight. So I decided it was time to seek professional help. I was very skeptical about seeing a nutritionist when it was suggested to me. I figured there Is so much information available for free online, and I am a smart educated person, there is no reason why I’d need to pay someone for weight loss advice. But Jaime completely surprised me– I really did find out that I “didn’t know what I didn’t know”.

What was really valuable about the time I spend with Jaime was that she focused my attention on the most important nutrition information (as opposed to the mass of stuff thats available online) and she tailored the information to my situation and goals.  I was also nervous about working with a nutritionist type person for the same reason I have never gone to Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or any other commercial weight loss programs. I am always worried about things being expensive and oriented to sell more stuff to me. Also I am pretty particular eater, and I fear that if someone tells me what to eat I will both rebel and not do it and feel guilty all the time. But Jaime simply educated me and gave me suggested practical guidelines, and was very supportive.

My current approach to weight loss has been incremental- changing my life for the long run, not losing weight in the short run. If its not something I can do for the long tern, for the rest of my life, them Im not doing it. Jaime’s nutrition advice totally worked with that approach normal to levels D Vitamin my returned has it and take much how on advice.   Jaime’s help has definitely contributed to my success. Through several individual appointments and a few group seminars, I have learned a lot of things that have helped me modify my eating to a more nutritious and healthy diet. I have lost 35 lbs. so far. When I have hit a plateau where nothing is coming off, it seems like a Jaime seminar comes along and I learn new adjustments to make which helps.

But more than weight, my medical test numbers are the real success story. In 18 months, I have gone from being borderline a hypertensive pre-diabetic with high glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides to numbers that are all in the normal range. Specifically, here are the improvements I’ve made Blood Pressure from 138/82 to 118/76 Glucose: improved 25% Cholesterol: Improved 14% HbA1c: Improved 9% Triglycerides: Improved 52% HDL: Improved 27% LDL: Improved 16% Chol Ratio:Improved 33% Vitamin D: Improved 19%

Happiest of all, I feel better. I feel like I am changing my life for the better and Jaime Martinez has played an important role in helping me do that.”


Sheri~ 2010



“Jaime helped me lose weight the right way. I obsessed with my weight and what I ate to the point of becoming so frustrated that I gave up. After my first meeting with her, I knew I was in good hands. I lost 15 pounds in my first 12 weeks under her supervision. I have been able to keep 30lbs off since the beginning of the year, eating healthier, learned my sensitivity to gluten and how to prevent my late night restless leg syndrome.


I have finished 3 sprint triathlons, signed up for several more in the upcoming 2012 season and have converted my husband and parents to a modified gluten-free life style and even they have lost weight. This was the best decision I have made. I no longer have to try dieting. A gluten-free lifestyle is perfect for me and my continued weight loss.”

Michelle ~ 2010


oranges and apples“I have been working with Jaime Martinez since July of 2011. My experience with her was an awakening to my life. I came to her 25 lbs overweight, my glucose, thyroid, and cholesterol test results were all off the optimal mark and out of balance. She gave me the tools and knowledge to succeed. Knowing she was there to answer my questions and to address my needs and concerns helped me attain my goal. The program she gave me was broken into steps that were attainable, but would have been difficult if done all at once. The program is a holistic one that encompasses physical exercise, diet, nutrition and vitamin supplements. I would highly recommend Jaime, for anyone trying to attain a more balanced healthy lifestyle.”

Nina ~ 2011


“I am a 71 year old success. Why my age is important to mention is because the older I get, the harder it has been to change. There is no diet plan that I have not tried and none of them worked for me, UNTIL I started working with Jaime Martinez this past March. At the time we first met, I believed I was hopeless case, a failure. I felt that cravings and binges followed by self-hate were my lot. I feel as if Jaime Martinez literally took me by the hand and led me into the land of reason, logic, common sense, and good nutrition. My weight loss is slow but is not the only measure of success for me these days. I feel hopeful and convinced that gradual changes I have made have been integrated into my whole self and will last a lifetime. Where I was feeling hopeless, depressed, and a failure., I now feel optimistic, hopeful, happy, excited, and certain of my ability to continue in the pursuit of good health through healthy eating and exercise. I would not and could not have started on this journey with Jaime. Jaime has a special gift and ability working with people, even hard core ones like me. Without her knowledge, skill, personality, ability to connect and her savvy, I would not have this story to tell today. With much attention and gratitude.”

Wendy ~ 2012


Salsa“I would highly recommend working with Jaime for several reasons. My husband and I have both had the opportunity to work with her and in addition to her easy, can-do-it attitude she also is a tremendous resource and knowledge base. I really value her extensive background in nutrition and dietetics. She is up to date and extremely well educated on the more recent science supporting health and nutrition; I find this impressive given the wealth of research and the busy schedule she keeps! Its a lot to stay on top of, and she is informed enough to make appropriate suggestions while still identifying those areas where we should confirm with our primary physician. Her Nutrition 101 class was fantastic! It was one of the better courses I have had since finishing school. She made several small suggestions that have also helped my husband and I in our health and wellness goals. My only remaining wish is that she would come over and cook dinner for us every night!”

Heidi ~ 2012


“I met and started working with Jaime in October 2010. I was in my 59th year and not feeling the best. I wanted to enter the 60’s in good health.

Jaime spoke a language that I understand. For the first time I understood that one really needs to incorporate eating and exercising to attain the results that one wants.

Jaime tailors an eating regime to the person. She does not have a set rule for everyone. Even when I took her group class and she spoke in generalities, she would point to someone and say ” not you”.

I also appreciate that I can email Jaime with a question and she gets back to me very quickly. That is so important.

I have already referred several friends to her and they too are very happy with her advice and the results. I will continue to refer to Jaime.

Now i have turned 60 and feel so much better than I did a year ago. I have found something that works for me and I intend to continue to follow Jaime’s advice.”

Pat ~ 2011


I worked with Jaime this past summer and I had fantastic results. I dropped 10 pounds in about one month! I have been an athlete all my life and knew nutrition was important, but didn’t have enough motivation to change my way of life on my own. Jaime was the help I needed! She was extremely well informed and she taught me so much useful information on how to eat so that I could be health and still happy. Jaime was the accountability that I needed. She met with me every week and weighed me. The positive results kept me on track and wanting to continue. She was also always available through email if I ever had a question or concern. Not only did I lose 10lbs, but I feel AMAZING! I feel younger and more energized. I can concentrate so much better and I feel much more productive. I didn’t know I could feel this good. My skin is also clearer and of course my clothes fit me better. I even need to go buy new ones! Through this program, I also have the ability and the knowledge to do it again if I need it. I am getting married next year and thanks to Jaime I will look fantastic at my wedding and that is priceless!”

Natalie ~ 2011


I have been working with Jaime for the past year and I can say without reservation that she is an outstanding nutritionist. In the past year, I have both lost weight and improved my health. My blood sugar has gone down 16 points, my inflammatory indicators have significantly decreased and I feel great. Working with her has been an education on what nutritional balance works for me and my lifestyle. Jaime works with me not only to reach my goals, but to do so in a way that is both manageable and sustainable. This is not generic weight loss program, but one that is designed to work with my body, allergies, and life schedule. Jaime is also unfailingly positive and supportive, and even when I stall, continues to help me believe I can achieve my goals.”

Denise ~ 2011



“I am pleased to be writing a review for someone of the caliber of Jaime Martinez. Over the past several months it has been my pleasure to work with Jaime. She first interviewed me and had me provide current blood work to help her put together a 8 week very detailed plan that is tailored to exact body needs/requirements.

It was really hard for the first 10 days until I got used to the changes that would help me with my life time changes. Not only was she helpful with my dietary plan, she was also very supportive with my weaknesses and temptations to foods that needed to be removed from my diet and explained in great detail the reasons for their removal.

I quickly started seeing results with my weight loss and with my exercise performance and after 8 weeks, I dropped my weight from 234lbs to 209lbs.”

Cliff ~ 10/2011




shopping cartJaime helped me drop about 20 pounds, 8% of my total weight in a VERY healthy way. I appreciate her knowledge and her explanations for why the nutrition plan was structured the way it was, no just simply “here’s what you do”. Jaime’s approach was informed, healthy, and effective for me.”

Lucas ~ 2010



“So if you are thinking about working with Jaime for her nutrition expertise, I would highly recommend you do.

I came to Jaime after seeing dozens of nutritionists. I was overweight and felt awful all the time- splitting headaches all day every day, depressed, moody and anxious. I had been on every type of diet you could imagine. After several months of working with a nutritionist every one of them, without fail, would give up on me and accuse me of cheating the diet or lying about what I was eating. It made me feel even worse; if that was possible!

Jaime understands that we are all individuals and what works for many or even most doesn’t work for everyone. She helped me develop sustainable eating habits that made me feel great.

I thought my goal was to lose weight. I thought if I could just lose the weight I would feel better. I realized what I really wanted all along was just to feel good again, to feel like myself again. Jaime helped me figure out that what I was eating was the driving force in my mood and my general well being, not the weight.

If you are looking for the better you, Jaime can help!”
Jenny ~ 2010


Jaime Cooking“I am happy to provide a letter of recommendation for Jaime Martinez as a nutritionist. I began working with her in July 2011 and have experienced success on many levels.

I initially contacted Jaime as a last attempt to lose weight before looking at more radical solutions. I was 44 and had my first child at 40 and had been unable to lose the 30 pounds I gained during the pregnancy, despite eating, what I thought, was a healthy diet and working out regularly. Jaime thoroughly elucidated several factors impacting my weight and inability to lose. Her breadth of knowledge of intricate body systems and how food, supplements, exercise and hormones are intertwined is impressive. As complex a matter as it all is, she made it easily comprehensible for someone without a science background.

Jaime is patient, compassionate and non judgmental. There were times I wasn’t able to maintain the program and panicked but Jaime was calm and reassuring and got me back on track. As time went on and I experienced some road blocks, she suggested some other factors that may be impacting my weight an ability to lose. As a result, I had cortisol and hormone levels tested which revealed another piece of the puzzle. With this new information, Jaime modified my plan and followed up to make sure the changes were effective.

The diet program and supplements Jaime introduced me to have completely changed the way I live my life.  After 4 years, I am finally on my way to losing all the weight I gained during my pregnancy and have felt so much better that I have been able to decrease an antidepressant that I had been using for more than 10 years.

Jaime is always available via email, text or phone and responds promptly.  I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for assistance with weight loss or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Feel free to contact me via email with any questions.”

Laura ~ 2011


“My husband and I both met with Jaime to tune up our metabolism. I was interested in losing fat as I was also working with a personal trainer to build muscle via strength training. My husband needed to lose weight and needed a way to jump start that process.

Through Jaime’s program, we lowered our carbohydrate intake and increased our protein. During the 6 week period we worked with her, we each successfully lost weight.

Based on the result and how much better we felt, we have kept processed foods, dairy, gluten and so out of our diets, and have continued to eat more protein and less carbohydrates and sugar. Its been 5 months now since we started with this new way of eating.



The results to date for my husband:

  • Lost 20lbs to date (with minimal exercise)
  • No longer considered pre diabetic
  • Lowered cholesterol
  • Eliminated constipation and associated headaches

The results to date for me:

  • Lost 10lbs to date
  • Lost body fat and gained muscle. Dropped a full size.
  • Eliminated migraine headaches.  I had migraine headaches for 20+years, and in the past 3 years they had become as frequent as a dozen a month.
  • Greatly reduced number of hot flashes
  • Eliminated stuffy nose at night
  • Eliminated severe stomach pains due to excessive gas and bloating
  • Cholesterol is lower than it has every been.

Jaime is very knowledgeable and everything she suggested in fine tuning our diets and vitamins worked.  My husband came kicking and screaming into the meetings, but was the first to suggest that we always eat this way , because for the first time, he was seeing results.  And since I am feeling so much better and continuing to get results, I plan to do a Sprint Triathlon for the first time at age 50.”


Cami ~ 2010


“Jaime Martinez has a vast knowledge of nutrition, health and weight loss. She seems to know more about the human body than a medical professional. From the very first meeting with her it was obvious she as a passion for helping people and truly cares about their health and well being. Her warm smile, enthusiasm and ability to motivate me has had a tremendous impact on my life. I would recommend Jaime to anyone seeking to lose weight and learn about a healthier lifestyle.

At 53 years old and diagnosed with type II diabetes my numbers kept getting worse year after year and the scale continued to go up. I was at the end of my rope and looking at the likelihood of having to take insulin.

I started working with Jaime at the end of 2010 and steadily my weight started to go down and my blood sugars improved dramatically. Jaime started slowly not only telling me what to eat but by educating me and equipping me with the tools and resources to active my goal. Often I would ask her about a certain food and she would not say “you can’t eat that” but instead, limit that or eat more of this. I found her to be particularly insightful in helping me manage the unique an often complex issues of blood sugar control. I am no longer plagued by the glucose lows, or hypoglycemia, that used to disrupt my workouts.

Today I am down from 220lbs to 190lbs and still losing.  The last doctors visit my hemoglobin A1c was down from 7.1 to 6.5.  My doctor is thrilled and is thinking about reducing my medications.  This has been completely life altering for me.  My mother died in her early 60’s before my son was born.  I want to be here to see my own grandchildren being born when the time comes.  Often it is the money or cost that concerns one, but how do you put a price tag ones life?  I will end with a quote from William Arthur:

“Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I may not forget you! (Jaime Martinez)”

Andy ~ 2010


Green Apple with a Tape Measure “I have been a client of Jaime Martinez since April of 2011. Since working with her, I have lost over 70+ lbs. I had always had difficulty losing weight. I started many times and after a week or two would give up. She has helped me start and stay motivated through all of the ups and downs that I have faced.

I explained my history to Jaime and let her know that I did know that I had some food intolerances that I wanted to explore. I took a food allergy test and started a detox to cleanse my system.

Currently, I am eating much healthier smaller meals throughout the day, I have balanced meals with supplements and lots of water. I learned by being disciplined with my food and exercise that I could be successful. I pack my lunches for the week on Sundays and shop for only the food that I will eat that week. If I do go out to eat I go to restaurant where there is something gluten and dairy free that I will enjoy that I will enjoy.

At first I had a hard time with the list of the food that I had to choose from because it was so different from what I had been eating, but I decided that if I was going to feel better and be healthier I should at least try.  I had nothing to lose, because what I had been doing before had made me 270+ pounds.

Jaime has been extremely supportive of all my successes and helped out when I was having a bad day or week.  She has cheered m on when I was getting close to original goal of 220 lbs by January 1st, she raised the bar and changed it to 199.   Which I successfully achieved by the new year.

I am extremly grateful to Jaime for all her support and dedication to helping me lose weight and becoming a healthier happier person.”

Teresa ~ 2011

Cutting an orange pepper“In 2002 I discovered I had metastatic papillary thyroid cancer and a a complete thyroidectomy and radical neck dissection. Losing your thyroid and having to be forced into a hypothyroid state caused me to rapidly put on weight and I just couldn’t lose it no matter what I tried.

I decided that since my 40th birthday was around the corner I was going to make losing weight and getting fit my top priority.   I exercised all the time, but the scale wasnt moving.  At this rate even though I felt great I was worried that I wouldnt reach my goal weight.

I started meeting with Jaime and she encouraged me to approach my diet in an entirely new way.  No more counting calories, no more calculating exchanges, no more weight watchers!

I was put on an exclusion diet, and Jaime also had me start taking vitamins and supplements.   In addition to losing weight instead of remaining at my weight plateau, I started to have more energy, better skin, less bloating and gas and a general spring in my step!  Everyone started noticing the change in how I looked.

What I love most is that this is a plan I can stick with.  When I have something I am not suppose to have or go out  for a special meal, I can easily go right back to the plan the next day.

This was really a life changing plan and I am forever grateful that Jaime has given me the tools I need to stay happy and healthy for a lifetime without the yo-yo dieting, packaged food and counting calories of my past!”

Ari ~ 2012


Jaime Making SalsaThis was me before I started working with Jaime: I was tired all the time, from the time I woke up in the morning until I went to bed, where I slept badly. I looked older than my years. I weighted more than I had ever weighed, even when I was nine months pregnant. I ate uncontrollably at times, crazy amounts of sugar and carbs, much of it secretly. I was a stress eater. I only wore clothes that could hide my fat. I was always hungry. I was constipated. My skin was gray. I had puffy eyes. I was miserable.

I was skeptical about working with Jaime as I had worked with other nutritionists in the past without any success.  After one meeting all the skepticism was gone.

She is a professional.  She is serious and extremely knowledgeable and is like a scientist.  She is a teacher and knows more about nutrition than my doctors. She keeps up on all the latest developments.  She is amazing.

She asked to see my lab results from the doctor and she analyzed them and talked to me about things my doctor had never mentioned.  She takes a detailed history and is very thorough.  When I told her I was a cancer survivor just one year out of chemo, and that ten years ago I had suffered a bout of malaria and was without energy, she told me that she wanted to get me to the point of feeling well and we would worry about the weight later. She guided me towards supplements that would help me and took a holistic approach to my health.

I followed her instructions on both diet and supplements and some things started to happen.  I had more energy, my puffy face became smooth, I was no longer constipated and I stopped cravings sugar and carbs and stopped binging.    I got stronger and I was happy!

I started with Jaime in January and when I went to my doctors appointment in June I had lost 27lbs! I can wear clothes now I havent been able to wear in years and I feel great.

She really knows what she is doing and if you listen to her, follow her instructions, you will lose weight, gain vitality and energy! I know I did.”

Kim ~ 2012


“I began working with Jaime in early may.  Coming from a background wrought with almost 5 years of severe eating disorders, it would be fair to say I was somewhat apprehensive about working with a nutritionist.  I was concerned that I would not be able to carry out her advice or that I would fall back to my old habits.  I needn’t have worried.

Jaime was instantly warm and friendly and took time to get to know me as a person, allowing her to implement a personalized plan that was easy to follow.  She slowly eased me into a diet that was commensurate with my goals.  In the past 6 months I have come to eat a wider variety of foods and am no longer “scared” of fats and the occasional indulgence.

When I started working with Jaime, I had already attained a healthy weight.  In fact, I was continuing to gain weight regardless of how many calories I consumed and how often I worked out.  I gained nearly 35lbs in only 7 months and my body fat increased exponentially.  This was terribly frustrating.  Eventually Jaime suggested I undergo a test to see if there were underlying reasons for the weight gain.  I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, as a result of prolonged stress from the eating disorders.  Jaime suggested I contact an integrative physician who specializes in adrenal fatigue.

Throughout this entire ordeal, Jaime has been nothing but supportive and is truly a caring individual.  She is incredibly knowledgeable  but humble enough to ask for opinions from her peers to ensure she is serving her client as best as possible.  She was never condescending or judgmental when I had a bad week or was feeling down.  Rather she encouraged me to try harder next week and push forward.

I would highly recommend her in all aspects, regardless of whether your goals are weight loss, weight gain, or just to simply learn more about how to lead a healthier life.  She is a steadfast confidant and a highly valuable resource for me and I am confident she will do the same for you.”

Kimberly ~2011

“Throughout a pregnancy and during a 12 week class led by Jaime I learned valuable information that equipped me to take control of my family’s nutritional needs, and to understand the factors that could potentially interfere with both our health and weight loss goals.  I cam away feeling empowered that I did not need to “follow a plan” but that I could make the appropriate choices for my family with respect to diet, lifestyle and health to improve our overall wellness.

She is an excellent “diagnostician” and “therapist” skilled at teasing out nutritional needs and barriers, and providing the education and support to resolve these to improve overall health and nutrition.  Once I started working with Jaime, and stopped counting “points” and “calories”, I started to lose weight and started  feeling much more energy! My cholesterol numbers lowered, my glucose levels lowered and my ongoing fatigue went away.

Jaime is extremely knowledgeable and her experience is readily obvious.  She always supports her recommendations with a strong research base, and readily adapts her recommendations to the specific needs of her clients.

I cannot recommend her services enough and would consider her an expert in her field.  Well worth EVERY penny.”

Gillian ~2010



“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mrs. Jaime Martinez for her high degree of professionalism and dedication to my case and also for structuring an achievable nutritional program going forward that would help maintain the good health that I have come to know. I have lost 50+lbs and improved my laboratory parameters.”

Frank ~2012