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Gilly’s Organics has been in the works since the founder, Gilly was a young girl. Whether concocting something in her kitchen to eat, or smashing makeup together with a mortar and pestle at the family pharmacy, she’s always liked to combine and test different ingredients. In college, Gilly whipped up facial creams and hair conditioning treatments for her friends. Essential oils and natural products were an interest even back then. And, though she was not living the lifestyle she leads today, deep down in her pores, she knew she’d do something healthy… eventually. Her creativity led her into marketing and branding for fragrance and makeup companies.

While she enjoyed her career, she started becoming more organic in her life. Soon, she began to envision herself creating something natural, beautiful, and beneficial for ourselves and the earth. Eventually, writing about creams made with carcinogens, and endorsing non-vegan products became undesirable. One evening, while mixing up some rich, nourishing oils for her dry hair and wintery skin, she pondered packaging and selling this particular blend. Then, a friend who also loved it suggested adding sugar to make it an exfoliant, and that’s how Gilly’s first product was born! “Hey Sugar, Lookin’ Good!” is now selling in select locations in NJ and CA. It’s a fabulous, gentle, spa-like, all-over body scrub that is excellent for manicures and pedicures too. Recently the line has expanded to 10 products! Please browse the site to learn about all of them. With Gilly’s Organics you can be a natural beauty!

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Hey Sugar, Lookin’ Good!


What a Face! (Cleanser)

What a Face! (Cleanser)

What a Face! (Antioxidant Creme)

What a Face! (Toner)

What a Face! (Toner)

In Mint Condition!

Nice Do!

Good Clean Suds

Better for Body (Butter)